• London Strategy team produced an Executive Overview that consolidated publicly available information.


    Highlights from this deck include the following:

    COVID-19 key variants overview

    Vaccines side effects

    Vaccine bans around the world

    Vaccine flashcards and updates on the development progress

    Information regarding treatment options and the latest progress

    Collection of charts and insights

  • Our team went through many data sources and prepared COVID-19 response of the life sciences industry deck. We will keep sharing this deck monthly as new companies developing diagnostics, treatment and vaccine are joined to fight COVID-19. 

    Topics Include: 

    • Last Developments 
    • Treatment & Vaccine 
    • Charts & Insights 
    • Plan of action for Corporates

  • Covid-19 Series by London Startegy 

    Our team went through many data sources and prepared COVID-19 and the life sciences industry deck. Topics covered in the deck: 

    • Impact on Life Sciences Sector
    • Response of the Life Sciences Industry
    • Charts & Insights
    • Details of the Virus