How do you ensure that acquisitions and divestments deliver the synergies as planned?

How do you successfully lead your workforce through the changes in M&A activities?

How do you optimise your growth through strategic inorganic transformations?

What is the impact of M&A on IT infrastructure and what are common challenges in integrating IT systems?

What are the key considerations for IT due diligence in M&A, and how can risks and opportunities be identified and assessed?


How do you ensure the successful delivery of your IT transformation strategy?

What opportunities can IT transformation unlock for your organization?

Does your IT transformation strategy align with industry trends and emerging technologies?




How to react against digital disruption?

What are the opportunities to integrate patient pathway & experience?


Our experience provides us with the skills to identify

and implement the change to improve your business

  • Program Management
  • Strategy
  • Transformation


Life Sciences industry is regulated heavily due to its significance on human lives. A public company also has liabilities to the shareholders, similarly for private enterprises. Spending the required time in compliance, governance and decision making will enable executives to make sound and healthy decisions. 


London Strategy is a specialist management consultancy and project management company. We take pride in the work we do for clients to increase productivity, improve processes and add value.

Our team works closely with clients to understand the overall objectives and develop a customised plan for implementing change that will lead to sustained results.

Creating and implementing simple solutions to complex problems is at the core of what we do at London Strategy. We specialise in bringing together internal and external teams to create structures to make our clients' ambitions achievable. We work alongside our clients with the fresh perspective required to identify where change is needed, and we have the industry expertise to develop a logical plan to convert vision into reality.

Curiosity comes naturally to the team at London Strategy – we know the right questions to ask and when to ask them to ensure that all aspects and options are considered. Throughout the process, we pride ourselves on producing slide decks that clearly and succinctly provide an overview of each stage of a project and can be tailored for presentation to any level of the organisation.

We recognise that the people we work with are our biggest asset and that every team is unique. By taking the time to develop strong relationships with our clients, we are able to most effectively work towards achieving meaningful results together. Working across multiple functions to achieve a common goal is second nature to us. We are experts in establishing a comprehensive governance structure that ensures every project remains focused and well-documented without overburdening leadership and functional teams. 

Our clients' comment that our commitment to regularly, clearly and effectively communicating the status of every project, London Strategy's value is in the time we give back to them to spend planning their next move. Our success is our clients' success – an attitude that has led to many long-term engagements during which we are considered a trusted partner.




The service offerings listed below provide an idea of the areas in which London Strategy generally operates

  • Carve-out Program Management  

  • Post-Merger Integration

  • Day-1 and Day-100 Preparation

  • Pre-deal Coordination

  • Operational and IT Due Diligence

  • Divestment Preparation

  • M&A Playbook Development

  • IT Transformation Programs 

  • Cyber Security Improvement and Implementation 

  • IT Program Management

  • Cloud Migration

  • Digitalisation

  • CIO Executive Support 

  • IT Portfolio Review

  • Business Case Preparation


  • Strategic Projects and Programs
  • Business Transformation Programs
  • PMO and Portfolio Governance Set-Up
  • Operating Model Implementation
  • Business Case Development
  • Program Assessment and Review
  • Product Acquisition and Integration
  • Geographic Expansion 


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list    













London Strategy has the team that every firm in a large transformation programme would go to for advice and trust for successful delivery. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending London Strategy to future clients. 


Senior Executive at Accenture


London Strategy's attitude towards ensuring the client's success and doing what it takes enabled us to drive a project that semed impossible to a successful launch. They  thought about all of the aspects and shaped the project in a way that made reduced the risks and decreases complexity.


SVP, Head of Business Services & IT at Bayer


I happily recommend London Strategy safe in the knowledge that the skills and behaviours I have seen at Boots will deliver fantastic results wherever they  work. 


Finance Transformation Director at Walgreens Boots Alliance