M&A activities – know your worth and strive to increase value

Ever-increasing competition in the market compels companies to look for new ways to grow and add value. M&A provides the opportunity to increase client bases, access to markets, capabilities and assets. 
Comprehensive transaction oversight is crucial for avoiding challenges associated with M&A and ensuring that value is realised. The team at London Strategy are M&A specialists. We have access to networks and analytical expertise to help you make informed decisions about the right move for your company and the tools and experience to work cross-functionally to ensure the deal remains focused without distracting from day-to-day activities. 
Our experience in M&A means we know comprehensively the steps that need to be taken and how to ensure your transaction proceeds smoothly and with the appropriate due diligence. By allowing London Strategy to take the lead, we give executives and team members the peace of mind that a transaction is being managed by experts, with every aspect of the deal considered. By providing regular clear, and concise visual updates, we allow our clients to be as hands-on or off as they decide. 
•   Post-Merger Integration: clients engage our services early in the M&A process to oversee post-merger integration, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal impact on the day-to-day business of functional teams.
•  Carve Out & Divestment: through comprehensive governance and consideration of all teams, we provide our clients with confidence that both entities are considered throughout the entirety of the deal and will be capable of operating successfully following deal closure. 

Service Offerings:

  • Carve-out Program Management 
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Day-1 and Day-100 Preparation
  • Pre-deal Coordination

  • Operational and IT Due Diligence
  • Divestment Preparation
  • M&A Playbook Development 



Our key principle to achieving client satisfaction is by offering assistance across the board to help manage and resolve problems.



Flexible working via contracting at project level & specific to the organizational needs. We have delivery office in London and Belgium, and a remote office in Turkey to have access to resources for our clients.



To rationalize a complex structure by increasing efficiency and reducing administrative burden is necessary to achieve an effective management structure.



We help our clients to find potential problems and resolve them before they create a risk in the future.



We obtain results by reviewing the report data and making changes to improve the performance of our clients. Consistent measurement
and reporting methodology create an environment of achievement and success that benefits the entire organization.