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  • The term biotechnology is a very broad term that can be associated with many industries, such as: Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Marine Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Law, Ethics, Philosophy, Food Biotechnology, Biological Warfare, Bioinformatics, Desert Biotechnology. 


    Other topics covered: 

    • What is Biotechnology?
    • What are Biopharmaceuticals?
    • What is Bioprocessing?
    • Trend: products are becoming more complex 
    • Manufacturing Processes Overview: Biotech vs Conventional Pharma
    • Chemical Synthesis Process Overview
    • Process Workflow for Dosage-Form Products
    • Bioprocessing Overview
    • Differences between Batch, Fed-Batch, Continuous Cultures Upstream Bioprocessing
    • Product Recovery Methods – Filtration and Chromatography

  • The History of Antibiotic Discovery Methods
    There is a Pressing Need for Novel Platforms of Antibiotic Discovery


    Antibiotic Resistance: One of the Biggest Threats to Global Health?


    How is Antibiotic Resistance Transferred to other Bacteria?
    There are two principal routes of antibiotic resistance transfer called Horizontal and Vertical Gene Transfer


    Mechanisms of Action: Antibiotics
    There are five principal antibiotic mechanisms of action to kill bacterial cells